1st Build Post

Posted by on Dec 17, 2009 in Future Racing |

The Future Bike

The bike is a 1973 Honda CB350F (four cylinder). Chassis mods include tapered steering bearings, longer rear shocks, early 80’s Honda Cb400 forks and brakes, clubman bars, EBC HH brake pads. Engine is stock with the exception of a 4-2 exhaust with open megaphones, velocity stacks on rejetted carbs, Dyna S electronic ignition. Bike runs a total loss electrical system. Starter and the entire electrical system have been removed. The bike is bump start only.

Riffe Engineering is a grass roots program to lend/lease vintage race bikes. I put together solid handling, mostly stock motored vintage race bikes for people who are interested in trying out the sport. The Rider pays for all disposable items (tires, brake pads, chain, spark plugs) and does the maintenance (oil changes etc) and repairs any crash damage. After a predetermined amount of time, the Rider is given the option to purchase the bike, or return it to me.