Updates on the race project – March 2010

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Updates on the race project – March 2010 New Avon Roadrider tires (good, solid tires with a little stick that will go the distance….is what the ad speak says anyway…) Custom paint job by Tracy Riffe (beautifully tough and good for at least 2 more horses) I take the race school next month with the first race on April 23. Should have the bike ready to go by then….If not, there’s always duct tape!

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1st Build Post

Posted by on Dec 17, 2009 in Future Racing |

The Future Bike The bike is a 1973 Honda CB350F (four cylinder). Chassis mods include tapered steering bearings, longer rear shocks, early 80’s Honda Cb400 forks and brakes, clubman bars, EBC HH brake pads. Engine is stock with the exception of a 4-2 exhaust with open megaphones, velocity stacks on rejetted carbs, Dyna S electronic ignition. Bike runs a total loss electrical system. Starter and the entire electrical system have been removed. The bike is bump start...

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